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Ragnar PRO X2 is a professional racing simulator equipped with a motion system. By using different techniques it can faithfully emulate the feeling of being in and driving a race car, all of which is achieved by implementing a motion system. It includes 3 actuators, a central unit that manages the behavior of the entire rig and software to simulate the driving experience.

Our main objective with Ragnar PRO X2 was to use and optimise the principles of kinesthesia and proprioception. This concept is often applied in advanced Olympic training programmes. Primarily, the simulator tries to influence your inner ear (the sense of balance) in order to create an impression of movement. In combination with subtle vibrations and your body weight it also simulates appropriate pressure on your arms and legs. Finally it combines pressures caused by the body weight and the influence on the centre of balance with kinesthesia (skeletal and muscle pressure manipulation).

The key for creating the appropriate muscle tension lies in the fact that we choose not to move the steering wheel and pedals, but only the driver. For example in the process of braking you can see that there are the same forces acting upon your wrists and forearms as in an actual vehicle.
It’s an innovative solution that brings the driver closer to natural behavior in the car.

Ragnar PRO X2 is equipped with professional devices. The driving experience will be appreciated the most by professional drivers. The one and only driving simulator certificated by Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

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Ragnar PRO X2 Simulator is made specially for professional drivers. It’s used for practicing driving technique and proper reactions on the road, raising the level of safety in traffic and learning racing tracks around the world. Our device makes possible such things as:

  • Stress-free driving learning
  • Reducing the costs of training and courses
  • Learning driving techniques (sport / safe)
  • Improving decision making while driving
  • Learning how to drive in challenging weather conditions (fog, night, snow, rain)
  • Practising driving different type of vehicles
  • Improving muscle memory
  • Improving physical condition and coordination


  • Dimensions: 261 cm (length) x 276cm with screens spreaded (width) x 162cm (height)
  • Weight: around 550 kg.
  • Construction: steel
  • Ergonomics: adjustable seat position, pedals, steering wheel, screen
  • 230 V Power supply


  • Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation certificate
  • Construction consisting of three actuators and a central unit
  • Simulator platform with regulated steering wheel, pedals, mounting system and rig
  • Triple, 50-55 inch LCD screen stand, which includes a shelf for PC and Subwoofer
  • Direct drive wheel base and steering wheel with quick release, buttons and paddles for gear changes
  • Sequential gearbox from Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (997) or Quaife H-shifter
  • Handbrake
  • Tilton T600 hydraulic pedals from a racing car (gas, brake, clutch)
  • Sparco Circuit II FL bucket seat with FIA homologation
  • 6 point Sparco harness with FIA homologation
  • High end PC with GPU capable of handling four displays
  • 3 x 55” LCD LED TV Samsung
  • Wind simulation – fans directed at steering wheel
  • Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System
  • Wireless Logitech set (mouse and keyboard)
  • Wiring


  • 3x SCN6 electromagnetic actuators
  • Central unit managing the work of motion system
  • Simulation of kinetic energy and g-forces
  • Simulation of rear-end traction loss (oversteer)
  • Simulation of suspension system and gear shifts
  • Excellent perception of road surface achieved with a 250 times / 1s actuator update rate
  • Up to 400kg mass limit
  • Easy to use software for motion system
  • Fast, direct, reliable and solid
  • Recommended for professionals

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By having a well-established partnership with leasing and banking companies Ragnar Simulator can offer their clients a simplified process of financing the purchase through loan or leasing. Consultants will help you make the correct decision considering the best form of financing with minimal paperwork. Possibility of discounting 100% of VAT.

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