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At Sim Center we train both beginner and professional drivers. Every training plan is made individually depending on skill level and main objective of the training.

Simulator training is not only meant for improving your driving skills, but also working on psychological aspects like focus, multitasking, reactions, correct reflexes of the driver in a controlled environment. Learning the track layout and it’s most important points even before coming to the track in person. Simulation of qualifications, races, or whole race or rally weekend.


Ragnar PRO is an advanced simulator equipped with a motion system. By using different techniques it can faithfully emulate the feeling of being in and driving a race car. It’s achievable with a motion system built by using 3 actuators, a central unit that manages how the rig behaves and software to simulate the driving experience.

Our device makes possible such things as: stress-free driving learning, learning driving techniques (sport / safe), improving decision making while driving, learning how to drive in challenging weather conditions (fog, night, snow, rain), learning how to drive under pressure, improving muscle memory and improving physical condition and coordination.

You have about 100 original race tracks (with lots of European tracks), dozens of rally special stages and 400 race, rally, track cars at your disposal. Junior classes, cup cars, TCR, GT4, GT3, single-seaters, R2, R4, N4, R5, WRC. Are you interested in specific car? Ask about it’s availability.


At Ragnar Simulator we save telemetry from every session. Telemetry is useful for giving us lots of information about your driving style and what’s happening with the car on track. Parameters that are being recorded include: speed of every wheel, behavior of the suspension system, RPMs, driving line, steering angle, force on the throttle and brake pedals, accurate laptimes and lots more.

Thanks to those clues we can show you where you make mistakes and what to do to make your laps better. Additionally you can compare your telemetry with other drivers, find differences in driving styles and make up those valuable splits of a second. Some mistakes are so miniscule that without telemetry it would be difficult to notice them.


One of the vital elements to driving is a correct way of looking through the corners. A lot of beginner drivers don’t look further than the tip of their car’s nose or hood. It’s a mistake.

To train this skill we use eye-tracking glasses. Cameras placed in the glasses are following the pupils and analysing where the driver is looking in real time. Then from saved video we are able to thoroughly analyze where the driver is looking at every part of the track.

Correct vision is a fundamental skill, when well developed it can help you become faster and more aware of your surroundings. It’s also useful for quicker planning of the driving line and combining a couple of upcoming corners.


Racing drivers have to take care of their stamina, reactions and have a well developed proprioception. Motor training is done to improve our natural motor skills. These are: speed, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and stability. When one of them is weakened, others suffer.

With this in mind, we prepared a place for you to warm up before stepping into the simulator. Use the tools and become a faster driver.


When racing, the reaction time is vital. It will help you to control the car, react correctly when facing a dangerous situation, or start quicker than others when the lights go green. Fast reaction times are also useful in daily life and when driving a car on the public roads. At Ragnar Simulator we have a device called BlazePod at your disposal.

BlazePod reflex training system is testing your ability to react to visual cues (light-based kit) and coordination.

This device helps to improve your focus, reaction time, memory, coordination, stamina and improves your field of view. Advanced, millisecond-accurate timing between every activation of a button makes it possible for us to test your reaction time and track your progress.


Juggling is nothing different than training your brain. It contributes to expand it’s physical structure – connections between neurons. Every throw of the ball results in new connections.

It’s a permanent element of the F1 training programme. It improves concentration, synchronisation of the right and left side of your brain, increases its activity, improves eye-hand coordination and activates the cerebellum to execute more and more complex movements.

At Ragnar Simulator we offer you a warm up using juggling balls.


Bosu is a fitness training device looking like a cut in half ball with elastic hemisphere, attached to a rigid platform used for balance training and also for training meant to strengthen the body. It helps drivers to develop proprioception, which is the usage of the receptors located in the muscles and sinews. In motorsport, proprioception helps to improve coordination of the movement, maintaining its precision and it influences our predispositions for driving a car on rally stages and on race tracks.


Training 1h – 249 zł
Training 2h – 499 zł
Training 3h – 699 zł
Training 4h – 799 zł

Payment: pre-payment on bank account or cash. We don’t accept credit cards.

Maximum number of people using simulator simultaneously: 4 / 1h.

Loyal clients can become a part of Ragnar Simulator Club. Special discounts, saved lap times, results, telemetry and videos.


Training 1h – 249 zł
Training 2h – 499 zł
Training 3h – 699 zł
Training 4h – 799 zł

Expiration date of the Ragnar Simulator Voucher: 6 months.

Voucher usage date should be contacted by phone or e-mail. At least 7 days before the planned visit.

Vouchers are realised at Sim Center in Częstochowa (Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00).

Delivery by DHL or by e-mail in PDF form.

It’s not possible to refund bought or received Vouchers.

The purchasecan be done through e-mail or in person at Sim Center.


Every guest’s responsibility is to take sports footwear to change into – with a flat sole. We advise a loose sports outfit. Pro drivers can bring a whole race suit, shoes, gloves, helmet, towel.